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Foot Massage

Better blood pressure, nerve sensitivity and circulation are just some of the benefits that foot massage affords. Try it yourself to experience its powers!

Chinese Tui Na Massage

Using acupressure to harmonise your body’s energies, Tui Na is a healing massage that will improve your health and energy so you can enjoy a better quality of life.

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Manipulating your soft tissue and muscles, deep tissue massage is perfect for preventing injury and greatly boosting your athletic performance.

Lymphatic Detox Massage

A detox of the lymph nodes will clear toxins and improve circulation for the whole body. Enjoy this refreshing massage and be rejuvenated.

Ear Candle

Have your ear canal cleared through this gentle procedure. Relieve sinus and eardrum pressure for clearer senses and a more aware you.

Body Scrub

A good body scrub will leave your skin hydrated and exfoliated. Gentle and effective, you’ll experience a new level of relaxation at the hands of our trained experts.

Traditional Chinese Cupping

Draw toxins from the bloodstream and cleanse your system with this ancient method. You’ll be sure to leave revitalised by this traditional form of therapy.

Traditional Chinese Gua Sha

This traditional Chinese therapy reduces inflammation and relieves chronic pain. Enjoy benefits to your health and well being with the help of this ancient art.
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